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Bowled’s $400K ICO: Uniting 2.5B Cricket Fans in Game-Fi

Bowled's $400K ICO: Uniting 2.5B Cricket Fans in Game-Fi

Bowled’s $400K ICO: Uniting 2.5B Cricket Fans in Game-Fi

Quick Look

  • Bowled DAO Maker ICO runs from Mar 14 to Mar 19, aiming to raise $400,000.
  • Offering a unique blend of cricket and gaming through its platform,
  • Advanced technology stack and a growing digital collectibles market.
  • Dual-token system with $BWLD for governance and $RUN for in-game utility.
  • Expansion into a diverse ‘sportsverse’ beyond cricket.
  • Engaging users with fantasy games, tournaments, and live prediction games.
  • Supported by significant industry players and partnerships.

The excitement surrounding the Bowled ICO is palpable. Set between March 14 and March 19, the initiative aims to revolutionize how fans engage with cricket. With an ICO token price set at $0.07, Bowled’s ambition is clear. It plans to meld the enthusiasm of 2.5 billion cricket fans with the cutting-edge world of Game-Fi. The platform is not just a game; it’s a social sportsverse where strategy, passion, and digital collectibles merge seamlessly.

Bowled ICO Targets $400K: 88% Secured, 19% Token Offer

The details of the Bowled ICO are intriguing. With a goal to raise $400,000 and an impressive 88% already secured, the momentum is undeniable. Moreover, offering 19% of its total 500 million BWLD tokens, Bowled stands at the forefront of a significant shift in gaming and sports integration. This BEP-20 token is more than a currency; it’s a key to a new realm of interactive entertainment. 900+ Cricketers, Sky Mavis Support

At the core of this excitement is, a sports-based social gaming platform with an expansive vision. Industry giants like Sky Mavis Labs and partnerships with over 900 cricketers support this project. Moreover, is a testament to the untapped potential of merging sports with blockchain technology. From fantasy contests to digital marketplaces, the platform offers a holistic and immersive experience for users worldwide.

Expanding Beyond Cricket: Bowled’s Sportsverse Vision

However, Bowled’s ambition stretches beyond cricket. Envisioning a ‘sportsverse’ that encompasses basketball, soccer, MMA, and more, the platform intends to unify various sports communities under a single digital roof. This expansion also reflects a broader trend in the digital collectibles market, where users seek more integrated and versatile platforms.

Setting Standards with Advanced Tech Stack

The technological backbone of Bowled is impressive, setting a new standard for online gaming platforms. By leveraging JS microservices, utility sockets, and zkEVMs, the platform ensures a seamless and advanced user experience. Besides, it caters to the demands of both – modern gamers and sports enthusiasts. This high-level tech stack is critical in handling the vast array of features, from live fantasy games to a dynamic digital marketplace. It also enables smooth and responsive interactions that keep users engaged. Furthermore, the use of these advanced technologies ensures scalability and security. That allows Bowled to grow with its user base while safeguarding user data and transactions. This commitment to cutting-edge technology underscores Bowled’s position as a pioneer in the sports gaming industry.

Setting Standards with Advanced Tech Stack

The Project’s Dual-Token Strategy: $BWLD & $RUN Ecosystem

The economic model of Bowled is notably innovative. The dual-token system, featuring $BWLD for governance and $RUN for in-game transactions, offers a flexible and integrated approach to platform engagement. This system enhances user interaction, while also stabilizing the platform’s economy. Thus, it ensures a balanced and rewarding experience for all participants.

Community Core: Arcade Zone & Live Predictions

User engagement is at the heart of Bowled’s strategy. With the introduction of Arcade Zone and fantasy games, the platform offers varied and dynamic content, catering to different interests and skill levels. The live prediction games, in particular, add an exciting real-time dimension to the sports viewing experience, enhancing engagement and interaction.

Bowled’s Digital Era: Merging Cricket with Blockchain

As Bowled DAO Maker navigates through its ICO and beyond, its role in shaping the future of sports and gaming becomes increasingly evident. By integrating the global appeal of cricket with the innovative potential of blockchain technology, Bowled stands as a beacon for future platforms aiming to blend entertainment, community, and digital innovation.

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