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How to get free cryptocurrency – 10 ways that work!

How to get free cryptocurrency - 10 ways that work!

How to get free cryptocurrency – Find 10 ways that work!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Explore 10 effective ways to earn free cryptocurrency in 2024, from browser rewards to DeFi lending.
  2. Exercise caution and avoid scams when participating in free cryptocurrency opportunities online.
  3. Maximize your earnings by leveraging platforms like Brave, Aave, and Coinbase to earn crypto rewards.
  4. Enhance your crypto journey by joining Reddit Moons and engaging in discussions to earn MOON tokens.

Are you eager to know how to get free cryptocurrency in 2024? Are you excited about all the crypto investment hype and interested in safe ways?

Whether you’re new to crypto or experienced 2024 has brought new things. First of all, there are currently several free ways to invest. According to our experts in the blockchain industry, here are the top 10 free crypto ways to do so.

Let’s learn more about each one. So, how can you get cryptocurrency for free? Here are the top 10 ways to do so!

#1 Browser and search engine rewards

Some internet browsers currently provide incentives for their usage, such as Brave, which grants Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for seeing ads that respect user privacy.

These tokens can subsequently be utilized to endorse copywriters, content writers, and editors. They can also be traded for alternative cryptocurrencies.

Presearch serves as another illustration. It functions as a decentralized search tool that compensates users with its proprietary cryptos, Presearch tokens (known as “PRE”), in return for conducting searches on its website instead of relying on Google and other search engines.

To acquire complimentary cryptocurrency rewards, users register, facilitate the rewards program, view advertisements, or conduct searches. However, the particulars may differ across platforms.

Be careful avoiding scams online

Users should be careful not to fall for any potential scams when participating in these activities. It’s best to use well-known platforms with good reviews and clear operations.

All users must exercise caution while sharing personal or financial information, ensuring that they’ll be utilizing connections and trustworthy platforms.

#2 Learn and earn platforms

how to get free cryptocurrency

If you’re into playing games to earn crypto coins, you’ll be glad to discover that you can start earning free cryptocurrency on various learn and earn platforms. If you’re pondering “How to get free cryptocurrency,” these platforms are perfect.

Here are some popular websites where you can start earning free crypto coins by playing games:

  • CoinSmart
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Newton
  • StormX
  • Lolli
  • Phemex
  • CoinMarketCap

Visit each of these websites for play-to-earn games, including referral bonuses, to help you get started with free digital assets!

#3 Participate in DeFi lending to leverage your crypto assets

Unlike centralized systems, DeFi technology fosters transparent peer-to-peer lending, bypassing intermediaries and offering superior returns compared to traditional financial institutions.

Nexo, Aave, and Compound stand out as leaders in this particular industry, revered for their reliability and innovative solutions.

Nexo facilitates instant crypto-backed loans and interest-bearing accounts, while Aave streamlines lending and borrowing through features like flash loans. Compound offers competitive rates with real-time earnings.

These platforms provide secure options for passive income and liquidity access, highlighting the significance of research and risk awareness in DeFi lending ventures.

Getting Started with DeFi Lending

To embark on your DeFi lending journey, arm yourself with a compatible crypto wallet like Coinbase Wallet. Engage with protocols such as Compound or Aave, and consider starting with stablecoins for optimal returns.

It’s crucial to be careful thorough research before diving in. Leverage social media for insights and reputable crypto exchanges for stablecoin trading and acquisition.

#4 Airdrops – distributing complimentary crypto tokens

how to get free cryptocurrency: Airdrops

Airdrops, token giveaways in the cryptocurrency realm, aim to distribute complimentary crypto tokens to all individuals, allowing them to earn money. Businesses use airdrops to increase their personal customer base. Also, they are helpful for promoting new digital currencies, which may result in crypto dividends.

Airdrops are popular avenues for acquiring cryptocurrency without cost. Participants receive tokens during an airdrop to raise awareness and generate interest in a specific crypto platform or project.

How to take part in an airdrop?

It’s crucial to have a non-custodial crypto wallet.The reason why is this so is because of the security and ownership control of tokens.

Ensure compatibility with the token’s blockchain for transactional functionalities. Explore this resource for anticipated token giveaways in 2024 and discover the top crypto wallets for the year, potentially offering opportunities to earn money through airdrops and crypto dividends.

#5 Crypto faucets – great for shred of cryptos

Cryptocurrency faucets are platforms designed to compensate users with minor quantities of digital currency upon fulfilling tasks, with the goal of educating individuals about cryptocurrencies and enhancing website traffic.

Exercise caution when encountering fraudulent faucets that pledge substantial rewards. However, they cease to fulfill their promises. Ensure credibility by consulting reviews, forums, and reliable sources.

Avoid faucets that demand cryptos or personal data as a registration fee, as legitimate ones never solicit such information. Explore alternative payment methods like credit cards and investigate cryptocurrency dividends through reputable faucets.

#6 Debit Cards and Crypto credit

If you’re interested in earning cryptocurrency without investing, integrating digital currencies into daily transactions presents an excellent opportunity!

These cards have surged in popularity, allowing individuals to use cryptocurrencies for transactions, thus bridging conventional financial activities with digital currency.

What’s the primary advantage of these payment cards?

Debit Cards and Crypto credit

These cards provide a significant benefit by granting cryptocurrency rewards for everyday transactions, usually in the specific cashback type.

Users receive a fraction of their exchanged value in cryptocurrency, which they can either spend later or invest.

This not only boosts user advantages but also fosters wider adoption and proper utlization of cryptocurrencies, benefiting crypto projects.

#7 Crypto Savings Accounts

Digital currency savings accounts present passive income opportunities with superior interest rates in comparisson to conventional banking, empowering individuals to augment the worth of virtual assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether (USDT).

Also, the latent for considerable price appreciation in digital currencies can further bolster the exact prize of assets maintained in these accounts.

Recent occurrences, such as the downfall of Celsius and BlockFi, emphasize the hazards linked with centralized loaning systems in the digital currency realm.

Scrutiny by regulatory authorities and legal entanglements involving founders have revealed vulnerabilities in these platforms, accentuating the significance of regulatory supervision and investor prudence.

Consequently, there is a growing inclination towards decentralized alternatives characterized by increased privacy and transparency.

#8 Referral programs

Prominent cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance and Coinbase leverage referral programs to attract fresh users and drive engagement in the crypto market.

Existing members share unique referral URLs with their networks, leading to benefits for both the referrer and recipient upon registration. These rewards, commonly given as commissions or bonuses, are promptly deposited into the referrer’s account.

The reward amounts vary depending on the platform and program terms.

What incentives are available from Binance?

Take Binance as an example, where users can join a scheme granting them 100 USDT rebate vouchers on trading costs.

These initiatives serve multiple goals for exchanges and wallets, motivating current users to endorse the platform, expand its user community, attract new sign-ups, and increase involvement by rewarding users with cryptocurrency incentives.

#9 Staking – holding specific cryptos


Staking entails the retention of particular cryptocurrencies, frequently fungible tokens, to safeguard the network and garner rewards.

It fosters user engagement in network activities, such as verifying transactions or validating blocks, thereby bolstering privacy and decentralization.

One advantage is that earning extra tokens, like interest or dividends, provides passive income on cryptocurrency investments. However, staking locks up funds for a period, limiting trading access and potentially hindering response to current state of the crypto market.

There’s also a huge risk of dropping staked tokens in case of network security breaches or technical issues. Prior to participating in staking endeavors, it is crucial to meticulously assess the network’s standing, security protocols, and protocol robustness.

#10 Reddit Moons – distinctive aspect of the social platform

Within the vibrant realm of the well-known social platform, Reddit Moons shine as a distinctive feature, offering users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards through active involvement in the r/cryptocurrency subreddit.

Embarking on the journey to accrue MOON tokens commences with joining this subreddit. Once onboard, enthusiastic engagement becomes the key to amassing Reddit Moons.

All those utilizing Reddit Moons are able to do the following:

  • Make their mark by diving into discussions original content
  • Post timely cryptocurrency updates
  • Provide invaluable insights into the digital asset landscape.

By actively contributing to the specific Reddit Moons group, users enhance their likelihood of earning MOON tokens.


In this text, you learn how to get free cryptocurrencies. Don’t hesitate to try each method and find the one that suits you best! Good luck using them either way!

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