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LeBron’ Triple Logoman’ Card: Why does it cost $2 million?

LeBron ‘Triple Logoman’ Card: Why it cost $2.4 Million?

LeBron’ Triple Logoman’ Card: Why does it cost $2 million?

Key Takeaways:

  • The LeBron James Triple Logoman card has caused a sensation among NBA and basketball fans globally.
  • This highly sought-after card holds immense value due to its rarity and association with the iconic LeBron James.
  • Its uniqueness features three NBA logos from jerseys worn by LeBron with different franchises.
  • With a record-breaking sale price of $2 million, this card continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Have you recently heard about the famous LeBron ‘Triple Logoman’ card? Do you know why it has been the main fuzz about this special card among numerous NBA and basketball fans worldwide?

Whether you are a fan of LeBron or basketball or enjoy collecting valuable cards, the story of LeBron James Triple Logoman Card is worthy. So, what’s the story behind this popular trading card issued by Panini?

Let’s get all the crucial information about it, shall we?

What is LeBron TripleLogoman Card all about?

These cards are like modern-day collectables. They have the NBA logo cut from a player’s jersey.

LeBron’s card is unique because it has three patches from the jerseys he wore while playing for different teams. These teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Why is This Card Special?

Panini, a company that makes basketball cards, released only five Triple Logoman cards in the 2020-21 season. LeBron’s card is extra special because it’s the only one featuring just one player.

Ken Goldin, who runs the auction house where the card was sold, said that collectors get really interested when rare items related to LeBron James are up for auction.

Auction and Record-Breaking Sale

Auction and Record-Breaking Sale

With an initial bid of $500,000 starting on June 8, the card attracted 25 bids, driving the price up to $2 million, excluding the buyer’s premium, by the time the auction closed on Saturday night.

The buyer’s identity remains undisclosed by the auction house.

The most expensive sports card to date is a T206 Honus Wagner baseball card, which fetched $6.606 million at an online auction held by New Jersey-based Robert Edward Auctions in August.

What makes the Triple Logoman card so pricey?

Although vintage cards usually hold the highest worth in sports memorabilia, Logoman cards are unique due to their distinctive Logoman patch.

Panini created just one Triple Logoman card for James, showcasing three NBA logos extracted from jerseys worn during his tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and the LA Lakers.

So far, the priciest Logoman card ever sold is the 2009-10 Panini National Treasures Stephen Curry Rookie Logoman Autograph, fetching an astonishing $5.9 million!

LeBron’s Rare Card Sells for Millions

Over the weekend, a special LeBron James card was sold for $2.4 million at an auction. This card is called a LeBron James Triple Logoman card.

James’ Record-Breaking Logoman Card

At 37 years old, LeBron has won NBA championships and Finals MVP trophies with all three teams featured on the card.

Recently, he secured his spot on the All-NBA team for the 18th consecutive season and became the NBA’s second all-time leading scorer during the 2021-22 season.

The most valuable LeBron card is a signed 2003 rookie card, fetching $5.2 million at PWCC Marketplace in April 2021.

However, Goldin states that LeBron’s Logoman card, featuring the NBA logo patch, holds the title as the highest-priced card ever released and sold in the same year.

The Famous Triple Logoman Craze

The Famous Triple Logoman Craze

Since hitting the shelves, the LeBron James Triple Logoman has ignited enthusiasm among sports fans.

It’s said that Canadian rapper and NBA enthusiast Drake splurged $200,000 on boxes of the “Flawless Collection,” eagerly seeking the coveted card. However, his quest proved fruitless.

Discovery and Ownership

The card finally surfaced in May during a live-streamed event. Its joint owners were identified as Zachary Capp from Las Vegas, Kevin Parker from Salt Lake City, and Jason Hickey from New York, all avid sports card collectors and hobbyists, according to Goldin Auctions.

Who is LeBron James, and why is he a crucial figure?

LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984. He’s a famous basketball player. People call him “King James” because he’s good at basketball. He played for the Miami Heat and now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

Some think he’s as great as Michael Jordan, who’s also famous for playing basketball. LeBron has won many big basketball games, including four NBA championships.

He even won the NBA Cup with the Lakers in 2023. He’s also won two gold medals playing for the U.S. national team in the Olympics.

Scoring the most points in NBA history

LeBron is super talented individually, too. He has scored more points than any other player in NBA history and excels at assisting his teammates in scoring.

LeBron won many awards, like the MVP award, which means he’s the most valuable player in the league.

Possessing a Triple Logoman Card

Possessing a Triple Logoman Card

LeBron has a rare basketball card with the NBA logo showing a player dribbling a basketball.

His card holds significant value among collectors, with Ken Goldin, a prominent seller of rare sports items, once auctioning such a card for a record-breaking amount.

Despite being known as the oldest player in the NBA league, LeBron continues to excel on the court, making crucial contributions to his team, the Lakers, and securing victories.

Bottom line

The LeBron James Triple Logoman card has captured the imagination of sports enthusiasts worldwide, commanding a staggering $2 million at auction. Its scarcity, combined with LeBron’s iconic status in basketball, has driven collectors to vie for ownership.

As the highest-priced card released and sold in the same year, its allure fascinates avid collectors and casual fans alike.

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